In the run-up to the construction you receive broad counsel starting with an as-is analysis. Definition of aims (budget, production technique, station times, etc.) makes up the end of successful consulting.




After conclusion of the project planning contract we develop possible alternative solutions for your problem. An inspection if standardised elements can be used follows. Only where necessary individual elements will be developed and elaborated.

This way we can design effectively and cost-efficiently. Despite low development and production costs we guarantee a high operation reliability and safety.

Our long-time experience is responsible for cost-effective solutions even with complex plants. You can take the compilation of risk analysis and its consideration in regard to construction of mechanics as well as control engineering for granted.

We develop up-to-date automation-equipment with pneumatic and electrical drive machanisms which reach a high degree of efficiency within minimal cycle time. Apart from that we emphasise ergonomics, safety, energy consumption, ease of maintenance and operability. Further an inspection in regard to applicable bus systems is conducted.




Taking efficiency, easy of operability, ergonomics, required space, flexibility, etc. into account we present advantages and disadvantages of the different alternatives.After this comparision we choose together with you the solution which meets your definition of aims best.




Based on the chosen solution alternative we develop a meaningful requirements specification and by request a non-binding offer.

Mechanical construction


We construct automation-equipment for diverse industrial applications. According to the requirements specification the solution is implemented in CAD (complex forms and outlines or plant simulations are carried out in 3D).Usually this includes module and single component drawings, function and pneumatic plans as well as parts lists.

Short ways between project planning, construction, production and installation guarantee a high efficiency with all production steps and an optimal realisation of the automation-equipment.


Our claim to quality is backed-up by regular training as well as instruction and continuing education of our employees.


CAD systems


Base of our development is the software package AutoCad equipped with diverse add-on packages which permits us to work smoothly and goal-oriented. The system allows for a wide array of interfaces to external CAD systems. Transfer of existing data for incorporation into our development needs to be inspected in individual cases. The CAD system allows for simulations of movement and accessibility of the equipment if required.
The connection scheme can be created in EPLAN or in ECSCAD alternatively..

Mechanical production


Our skilled team arranges for a consistently high quality standard. Regular training courses and continuing education are constant elements of our employees' work.


CNC-controlled machining centres build the base (bottom) for production of complex parts. Our optimally equipped production machines assure for efficent work.


Diverse types of machines also allow to react to short-term customer requirements.


All modules and single parts are checked for dimensional accuracy before and after assembly.


We process:

construction steel, machining steel, case-hardened steel, heat-treated steel, nitrided steel, stainless steel, tool steel and cast iron as well as aluminium, brass, copper and diverse plastic materials.

Module assembly and installation


The assembly of your automation-equipment is conducted and completed by sector expirienced specialists. This guarantees a smooth technical approval afterwards. Extensive skills in pneumatics, hydraulic systems and electrical engineering go without saying with our specialists.


For all modules we produce the single parts and/or provide the needed standard parts. The final product is delivered completely assemblied and function checked.


Function checks and highest quality during assembly of modules and automation-equipment we deliver guarantee minimal time and effort for start-up.


Installation of modules into the complete plant as well as functional and safety-tested housing are part of our business.

Control engineering


Hardware development

We compile the complete electro engineering after your or our documents (pneumatics plan, hydraulic systems plan, operation specification, safety concept).
A concept of your individual requirements is build In close collaboration with you. From development till start-up a project leader is at your disposal as your contact person all the time.


According to the designed concept we create the connection scheme along with control cabinet plans, terminal plans and parts lists.


Software development

We have technical know-how in implementation of different automation system, especially Siemens S7. Furthermore we employ FESTO and OMRON control systems.

Our specialists are well familiarised with the particular automation systems and develop custom automation solutions for you.


Control cabinet construction

Our control cabinet construction team manufactures and tests the completely build installation for proper function.

During the manufacturing process we pay attention that parts can be possibly easily located as well as to the compliance with the EMV guideline. Marking of all components can be done according to your specifications. Alternatively we suggest a marking system to you which we then implement.

Later modification and remodelling can be carried out comfortably and without problems at all times.



Classical operation of equipment with keypads loses out more and more to visualisation systems.

Therefore we have implemented visualisation systems since the beginning which are adapted to the size of the equipment as well as to the required operability.

Display and operation of parts of the equipment and actors, databases for status signals and recipe management but also back-ups inside the network of our customers over ethernet or similar are no problem for our specialists.



As far as possible an extensive simulation precedes the start-up of the equipment..

Cupious function tests are conducted on the real equipment.

Futhermore complete test runs are performed. Prior start-up at our place guarantees you compliance with the specified aims.

The equipment is started up together with you and your employees are extensively trained.

Quality assurance

Before final acceptance meaningful inspection sheets are compiled.

Electrical safety is tested according to appropriate norms and guidelines.

Should malfunctions happen you can count on a short-term response time.

Where possible we offer remote maintenance..

Regular maintenance is possible within maintenance contracts.



Often the machanics of older equipments are still in good condition but drive or control systems are no longer up-to-date or are used up, are accident-sensitive or are no longer or with much difficulty available as spare parts.

Modernisation is often more cost-efficient than new aquisition.

Your advantages: a raise in productivity along with a decrease of energy consumption and availibility of spare parts is created. Also, compliance with current norms and guidelines is possible again.