ProPlan Engineering GmbH deals with development, construction and building of automation devices.

According to your demands we develop individual automation solutions in the areas of installation engineering, testing technology, operation and transport.


Project planning:

According to your needs we develop alternatives and special solutions. Together with you we choose a solution and develop a meaningful requirements specification based on this choice.


CAD construction:

If the mechanical and electrical constuction is completely implemented by us, we adopt the liability for the warranty of fitness of the whole installation starting at contract placing.


Control cabinet construction:

The control cabinets for all constuctions are developed and built according to appropriate regulations and guidelines. We especially emphasise the compliance of security policies.


Plant constuction:

We willingly take on the assembly of components and control engineering after the completion of construction and construct the complete plant for you.



The aim of our work is the satisfaction of our customers. Thus we think long-term and foresighted. For lasting success needs deliberate actions.


To provide continued highest quality: our working methods imply completely extensive design and accurate construction.


Always cost-efficient solutions are the result of a long-time well-cooperating team and vertical integration with optimised time management.


Our certificates (German language):

Certificate Siemens SICLIMAT X

Certificate Omron

Zertifikat Omron Zertifikat Omron Zertifikat Omron